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The common questions and answers when it comes to LED vs. Halogen lights!

What is an LED light?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes.These light bulbs use a diode instead of a heated filament to create light.

What is a halogen light?

Halogen lights use halogen gas to create light. This also means these light bulbs are extremely hot compared to LED lights.

Is an LED light safer than a halogen light?

As mentioned above, halogen lights are very hot compared to led lights. The heat that radiates off a halogen light, has been known to ignite substances such as paper, dust and insulation batts, especially if the lights weren't installed correctly by a licensed electrician. An LED light is definitely the safer option for your home or commercial space, as they produce 80% less heat and do not get hot enough to ignite any surrounding materials or burn your fingers!

Is an LED light as bright as a halogen light?

Yes definitely! An led light is brighter than a halogen light. Lumens is the term used to measure the amount of brightness between a halogen light and an LED light. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the bulb is. To compare the two, an 18w halogen bulb emits around 220 lumens, while an 18w LED bulb outputs 1300. Definitely a clear winner on which one is the brightest!

How is an LED light more energy efficient than a halogen light?

Led lights produce 80% less heat than halogen lights to emit the same light. This means that halogen lights have a far shorter life span and you will need to replace them sooner. For every halogen light you replace with an LED, you will see noticeable savings on your energy bills! Less energy used means reduced CO2 emissions which is much better for the environment. They also contain no toxic elements that can be harmful to the environment.

Is an LED light the cheaper option of the two?

LED lights are slightly more expensive then halogen lights, however the difference in the initial cost is outweighed by the savings you make in the long run. Due to the LED light bulbs longevity factor and the energy efficiency factor making a big difference to your energy bills!

Want to upgrade the lights in your home or office?

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