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Is my Switchboard Safe? How to know when it's time to upgrade your switchboard.

Most of the time it's hard to know when to upgrade your Switchboard at your residential or commercial property space. If you are not an Electrician or you have no understanding of a Switchboard's properties, than it's almost impossible to have any idea if your current switchboard even needs the upgrade or replacement entirely... Until it can be too late.

Gold Electrical Services are dedicated to the safety & efficiency of all residential & commercial spaces in Sydney, which is why we wanted to provide this short "how to" on how to work out if you need an Electrician out your way to quote up the new upgrade or check out your current Switchboard situation!

Here is a list of indicators that signify that a Switchboard upgrade may be necessary for the safety of your home or work:


The above Switchboard is one with Fuses. It is lacking RCD Protection.

It is a HUGE indication that your switchboard is outdated & unsafe, if you have one similar to the above with fuses. Wiring Rules AS/NZS3000: 2018 states that all power and lighting circuits must be RCD (Residual Current Device) Protected. This is to ensure electrical safety for all persons, livestock & property. Fuses only protect the cable, they do not protect people or livestock, meaning that if a fault was to occur, danger would be high & injuries/death could occur. This must be rectified as soon as possible, especially if you have a family & pets. Electricity is very unforgiving, which is why you must not take it for granted.

2. Not able to be extended to cover the demands of new appliances

Appliances that require higher demand than your switchboard can handle.

If your family home or commercial office requires many appliances for day to day use, the last thing you need is a problem with your switchboard not having the capabilities to handle the amount of power needed. This is another call for an upgrade.

3. Not coping with the demands you are placing on them and overheat or frequently trip fuses.

A Tripped Circuit breaker is a hazard. Tripped Fuses are an Emergency.

Not having everything up to date can lead to blown fuses & nuisance tripping, overheating, overloading & potential fires. This can become a hazard in your home & should be rectified immediately as a priority for your family & their safety.

Gold Electrical Services provide Switchboard Upgrades to all homes, residential spaces & commercial office buildings. Our Electrical Team are 24/7 on-the-go for emergency situations. Our rapid response stands the test of time & our quality of service is second to none. If you are worried about your current switchboard or just not too sure about the necessity to upgrade - call us now for a free home inspection & quote.

Mark: 0401 726 678 Website:

The below gallery shows some of our recent switchboard projects!

Article by Samantha Cappello, Gold Electrical Services

Published: 30th October, 2018


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